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Why Yoga?

I am always amazed at the special transformations in myself and every child after Yoga Practice. The more I practice yoga the more I want to share those unique benefits of yoga with the children.

I invite your kids to embark on a special journey where they will learn to connect their mind, body and spirit through the practice of yoga.

By experiencing yoga they will gain strength, stamina, coordination, and focus.

Yoga will help them with important every day activities such as having a relaxed mindset in the classroom, improved ability to fall asleep, learning to be more organized, and most importantly, feeling great about themselves and having the self-control and confidence needed to succeed in the world around them.



I hope to bring the joy of yoga and make it available to as many children as possible in Morristown and beyond.

Om Shanti ( Peace)


Yoga Benefits



Most physical activities that children are involved in are competitive. 

Yoga is wonderful for kids because it allows the child to care for and condition his or her body without the stress of competition. 

It also is a great complement to other sports, which may overuse certain muscle groups or not provide adequate stretching prior to strenuous activity.

In children’s yoga classes we focus on asanas (yoga poses), eye exercises, conscious breathing, relaxation and concentration. 

The asanas help condition the muscles and bring balance to the physical body with flexibility and strength. Breathing exercises help a child learn to regulate his or her emotions and stress level. Yoga promotes good concentration because the child is encouraged to focus only on the pose he or she is doing; putting all other thoughts aside.  When we are practicing balancing poses children have to stay focused despite other kids falling, moving or talking. The emphasis is on the basic yogic beliefs: if you let your mind wander you will lose your balance!


The idea of slowing down and focusing one’s mind on a single task is very difficult for children who live in a world that demands multitasking and constantly has them in a rush.  

Children really enjoy the ‘relaxation time’ at the end of each class, where restful music is played and the children are encouraged to focus on their breathing and muscles to actively calm their mind and body.  

The relaxation part of the class focuses on handling real life stresses kids face such as feeling anxiety before a test, dealing with a bully or other unfriendly peers, and calming one’s own mind in overwhelming situations.    

Click for relaxing music and close you eyes for a moment.....